Salomon Strive 12 GW Ski Bindings - 2024 - Adult

Adult All Mountain Grip Walk Ski Binding

Designed for skiers looking for an increased sense of power and control, and shorter response time, Salomon’s Strive 12 bindings feature an ultra-low profile toe piece that lowers your center of gravity when on the skis. Feel every aspect of the terrain you are on and get more out of every day you spend on your skis.

Responsiveness and control

An unrivaled 47mm of elasticity builds confidence and security at speed. The low-profile toe piece creates a low center of gravity, providing an unmatched on-snow feel.

Power and stability

A wide (72mm) AFD pad, gives skiers extra contact between boot and binding. This adds stability and increases power transfer from binding to ski.

Ski and binding integration

A low center of gravity creates unmatched ski-to-snow connectivity. Enhanced sensitivity equals quicker reaction, heightened control, and a better day on skis.

Adjustment range
30 mm
Adjustment range
3.5 US sizes
Din Scale
Skier weight
49-120 kg
Skier weight
108-264 lbs
920 in g / 1/2 pair