Mustang Fluid Manual Inflatable Belt Pack PFD

2023 Mustang Life Vest

This inflatable belt pack is for the serious touring SUP boarder. With 28lbs of buoyancy, it gives you peace of mind in a small package when venturing away from shore. The wide belt with 3D mesh wraps comfortably and securely around your waist, and a zippered storage pocket keeps your essentials close. Manually inflated by pulling an activation cord, the yoke-style bladder provides neck and head support while in the water. Daisy chain loops and a D-ring create additional attachment points for gear. An inflator inspection window and whistler enhance your safety. The Fluid 2.0 Belt Pack PFD is for the minimalist adventurer.

  • Wide waist belt with 3D mesh wraps around the body securely
  • Manually inflates by pulling the activation cord
  • Yoke style bladder provides good neck and head support in the water
  • Zippered storage pocket fits small items
  • Daisy chain loops and D-ring on the belt for attaching gear
  • Window for inflator inspection
  • Includes safety whistle for emergencies
  • Provides 28 LBS of buoyancy when inflated