Landyachtz Drop Hammer Lighthouse Complete Longboard - 2024

LandYachtz Complete Longboard

Light, stiff and highly carvable. The Drop Hammer is a great for anyone looking to spice up their commute, carve down a mellow hill, get rad on their way to class or just get out for an afternoon ride with friends. Drop mounted, symmetrical and packed full of awesomeness!

Length: 36.5″
Width: 10″
Wheelbase: 27.25″

Flex Rating -  Medium

Skate Spots

Neighborhood|Mellow Hills|Campus|Pathway

The Drop Hammer is a symmetrical drop-through longboard measuring 36.5″ long and 10″ wide. Its low ride height makes it an ideal city commuter and its medium concave and reasonably stiff construction make it a perfect board for an introduction to freeriding and carving on bigger hills. The Drop Hammer has wheelwells designed to work perfectly with the Grizzly Gen 6 180mm trucks for maximum turning and super deep carves. 70mm 78a Supremes finish the set up off for super smooth slides.