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O'Neill Heat 5mm Round Toe Cold Water Surf Boot

2024 Men's Sizing O'Neill Surf Booties

The new O'Neill Heat RT or Round Toe is the ideal boot for surfing in cold or freezing waters. This 5 mm Surf boot is Designed for great traction and durability, and the Heat Series surfing boots are incredibly warm. The 5mm thickness will keep your feet and toes warm even in arctic cold waters. Surfers looking for the best bootie, look no further than the O'Neill Heat Round Toe boot.

- Exterior and interior is made with fluid foam- a highly durable neoprene that resists abrasion and compression with a supple feel and good stretch
- 50% stretch factor

- Glued and blindstiched seams

- Top shin strap- anti-flush

- Round toe features foxing seam weld and firewall insulation- a lightweight thermal insulation that wicks away moisture and increases warmth

- Durable textured rubber sole