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Volkl Blaze 86 Skis w/vMotion 11 GW Bindings - Men's - 2024

Men's Volkl Freeride Skis

The Völkl Blaze 86 has a lot to offer with its all-mountain precision built in freeriding dimensions with the light weight of a touring ski. The Blaze series is generally designed for fast, short turns. However, the proven versatile 3D radius sidecut, you can ride this ski in longer swooping GS style turns on those perfect corduroy days. The full tip-to-tail wood core not only trims the weight and makes the ski more lively, but also eliminates the need for plastic panels – a small but positive environmental aspect. The 86 model also comes with elasticated, rubbery suspension elements on the edges of the tip and the tail, which act like a bumper in wind-blown or unfavorable snow conditions and not only offer more resistance to disruption but also deliver great flotation. From the all-mountain skier who wants to go off-piste, to the classic freerider or touring skier who will put up with an extra 100 g of weight for significantly improved skiing performance, the Völkl Blaze 86 is a top recommendation!

Marker vMotion 11 TCX Ski Binding come mounted on the ski. These ski bindings are highly adjustable and are on a track system designed to fit any size ski boot!

Sidecut: 129/86/111

Thanks to its light weight, the Blaze is also used as a freeride touring ski. To this end, Völkl also offers Smart Glue skins that have been perfectly tailored to each Blaze model.

Men's Ski Size Chart

Skier Weight Skier Height Ski Length
lbs/kg ft/In Expert (cm) Intermediate (cm)
100+ / 45+ 4'6"+ 134+ 124+
110+ / 50+ 4'9"+ 146+ 136+
120+ / 55+ 5'0"+ 159+ 149+
130+ / 59+ 5'3"+ 166+ 156+
140+ / 63+ 5'6"+ 170+ 160+
150+ / 68+ 5'9"+ 177+ 167+
170+ / 77+ 6'0"+ 184+ 174+
190+ / 86+ 6'2"+ 191+ 181+