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What are the Top 5 Surf Beaches Near Portland Maine?

1. Higgins Beach

Are you looking to surf with a close proximity of Portland, Maine? If you are seeking some waves and are looking for constancy than Higgins Beach has you covered. Higgins' dramatic backdrop is absolutely gorgeous and the sunsets there are out of this world. With surf restrictions during mid-day you will want to get out and enjoy a stunning sunrise off of the Atlantic or a cotton candy sky at Sunset. No surfing is allowed between 10am and 5pm because of how tidal the beach is. Surf strait out in front of Ocean Ave. Be cautious of rocks as there is one cluster which you'll want to avoid and is located right in the middle of the best break.

  • Distance from Downtown Portland - 21 min (8.4 mi)
  • Parking - Parking can sometimes be an issue and you'll want to make sure to be current on the metered parking as the police have a keen eye and love to give tickets.
  • Cost - If you arrive before 8am you can skip out on the $10 parking which is located on Ocean Ave. Metered parking is 50 cents and hour. 2 hour max.
  • Web Cam - Higgins Webcam
  • Surf Forecast - Higgins Beach Report
  • Just how good is it? - Overall I rate Higgins Beach a 8/10 because of parking ease, close proximity to Portland, consistent waves and a killer setting.