ZAP Medium Wedge Skimboard

2024 Zap Skim Boards

The Zap Wedge series is the work horse in Zap's line. The Wedge is for beginners and maturing young skimmers alike. The Wedge comes in three different sizes to accommodate a number of rider profiles and is built using our Compos-ilite construction for unrivaled performance and durability surpassing other manufacturers boards in its class.

Each Zap Skimboard has its own unique hand-made graphics.

Model Number: WG45

Medium Wedge

45″ x 20″


Rider Height Range:
4'7″ - 5'5"

Max Weight:
140 lbs.

The Wedge skim board is the perfect all around board, great for guys just learning how to skim and bridging the gap for the more experienced rider from just sand sliding into wave and trick riding. The sleek outline of the Wedge gives it a fast and sensitive ride and the pintail design turns with ease.

So whether you're just learning how to skim or you already seasoned and ready to attack the waves and the tricks the wedge can do it all.