ZAP Lazer 40" Skimboard

2021 Zap Skim Boards

Say hello to the best skimboard money can buy for getting your little guy or girl into skimboarding. The Zap Lazer was specifically designed for the optimal sand sliding experience. The shape, rocker, and rail contour offer kids an almost effortless ride. And it's crafted from lightweight materials making it easy for youngsters to handle and hold.

Model Name Dimensions Thickness Rider Ht. Range Rider Wt. Limit

LZ40 Lazer 40.25″ x 20″ ⅜" 4'2″ 5'0″ 95 lbs.

The Zap Lazer uses long-lasting, lightweight and extremely solid build materials. It's foam core is comparable to what's in our high-end, professional level boards. Because of these features, in contrast to something like a cheapy wood board or a poorly made imitation, the Lazer consistently delivers the longest and fastest rides possible. Sure, you can still go with a woody from Wally World or a poorly imitated, inferior version from one of our competitors, but why When you can save yourself from sleepless nights filled with regret, that just seems silly. Do the right thing, get him or her a Zap. Do it. Seriously, do it. Be the best Mom or Dad EVER!
- Steve Boomhower