U.S. Divers Diva LX Mask +Snorkel + Fin Set - Women's

2022 Ladies US Divers Scuba Gear

The Diva LX Set is designed just for women. A soft, Silicone face skirt comfortably seals against the face for leak-free performance while the single-lens design opens up the wonders of the underwater world. Split straps and easy-to-adjust Pro Glide buckles keep your mask in place while minimizing hair tangles. The Island Dry snorkel features Dry Top technology that seals the snorkel when you dive down beneath the surface with a flex section that comfortably alleviates jaw fatigue. Rounding out the set, the compact but powerful Trek fin features a vented blade with channels and flexibility that virtually eliminate foot and ankle fatigue while delivering a powerful kick. With a convenient bag for storage and transportation, the Diva LX Set is perfect for your next snorkeling adventure vacation.

  • Clear Views
    • The Diva-LX features a single window durable tempered glass lens for an unobstructed view
  • Premium Comfort
    • The three-way adjustable Pro-Glide buckles on the Diva-LX mask provide a secure and adjustable fit. The ergonomic design of the Island Dry snorkel mouthpiece eliminates jaw fatigue and the adjustable heel strap of the Trek fins allows you to make adjustments for easy fitting.
  • Enhanced Safety
    • The Island Dry Snorkel is designed to keep water from getting into the breathing tube, enhancing your safety underwater.
  • Peak Performance
    • The full flex section of the Island Dry snorkel allows for perfect positioning and drops away when not in use. Paired with the vented blades of the Trek fins, you can move quickly and comfortably with minial fatigue.


Small = Men's 4-7  / Women's  6.5-8.5

Medium =  Men's 7-10  /  Women's  8.5-11.5

Large =  Men's 10-13  /  Women's 11.5-14.5