U.S. Divers Admiral LX Mask +Snorkel + Fin Set - Adult

2022 US Divers Scuba Gear

The Admiral LX Set gets you closer to underwater exploration than ever before with its wide-angle, panoramic views. The Admiral LX snorkeling mask features a soft, Silicone face skirt that provides a comfortable seal against water leaks. The Island Dry snorkel has Dry Top technology that seals the snorkel for quick subsurface dives for closer exploration. Rounding out the set, the compact but powerful Trek fin features a vented blade with channels and flexibility that virtually eliminate foot and ankle fatigue while delivering a powerful kick. The Admiral LX Set is perfect for travel, easily fitting inside your luggage.

  • Built For Comfort
    • The hypoallergenic mouthpiece offers great comfort to alleviate pressure off the jaw. Both the mask and fins have easily adjustable buckles for a convenient, comfortable fit.
  • Safe and Easy-to-Use
    • Submersible Pivot-Dry technology keeps water out of the top of the Island Dry Barrel and the one-way purge valve makes it easy to clear any water from the mouth
  • Power, Variety, and Efficiency
    • The Trek Fin comes in a variety of sizes to suit your entire family. The fins have dual-composite blades giving them more power while energy is conserved. The vented blades provide an easier kick and reduce fatigue..
  • Travel Friendly
    • This set includes free gear bag to carry and store snorkel equipment, ideal for traveling.


Small = Men's 4-7  / Women's  6.5-8.5

Medium =  Men's 7-10  /  Women's  8.5-11.5

Large =  Men's 10-13  /  Women's 11.5-14.5