Landyachtz ATV Skiff Self Help Complete Longboard - 2022

LandYachtz Complete Longboard

Treat yourself to some much needed 4 wheeled therapy whenever the feeling strikes on the Skiff Self Help. Combining some of the best aspects of our Cruiser and ATV lines, the Skiff is a great city slasher, with all the right qualities to get you where you need to go.

The Skiff measures in at 32.3” long and 9.3” at its widest point, tapering down to 8.6” over the back truck and a nice 9” width right at the front truck. This deck will give you the feeling that the edges of the board are always accessible without giving you a feeling of the board being too narrow. The nose has a unique look to it and works great for catching your front foot on ollies, and the swooping tail will embrace your back foot and give you lots of confidence. The wheelbase is 15 inches, which gives a good mix between responsiveness and stability. 130mm trucks and 63mm Fatty Hawgs will match up with the edges of the board nicely and give this board just the feeling it needs.

Length: 32.3"
Width: 9.3"
Wheelbase: 15"

Artist: Daan Botlek