Dakine Edge Tuner Tool - Green

2023 Dakine Ski + Snowboard Edge Sharpener

This little guy is perfect for any skier or snowboarder. Tiny but it gets the job done. Throw it in your gear back and get it when ya need it! The Edge Tuner Tool combines convenience with practicality, for easy tuning anywhere. The large surface area easily rests against your base, positioning the file at just the right angle for the perfect edge. With two angle settings to choose from—0 degrees for soft or normal snow, and 2 degrees for more hold in hard, icy conditions. The two-sided file lets you choose an aggressive double-cut pattern to remove lots of material quickly, or a traditional single-cut pattern for fine-tuning. We throw in an extra file, too, to keep your edges mint even longer.

Model Number - 10001558